About Us

McAuley Homes was inspired and developed from the heritage of the McAuley Family. The McAuley's have been involved in residential real estate for 3 generations. Beginning in the state of Montana, McAuley Real Estate and Insurance specialized in the listing and sale of farms and ranches. Owned by Edward and Ramona McAuley in the 1950s, the business began a tradition of other family members wanting to be a part of this exciting industry.

The son of Edward and Ramona, Gerry McAuley moved out to the Seattle area in the 1970s to develop his passion for residential construction and architecture. Gerry is still in practice today at Armstrong Homes in Auburn.

Gerry's oldest son, Jamie McAuley, who was inspired by his grandmother Ramona, secured his real estate license in 1999 along with his cousin Dean McAuley. He grew up learning about the art of putting together real estate deals and gaining an understanding of the amazing opportunity that investing in real estate provides. 

After more than 20 years in the business, Jamie McAuley is partnering with select Associate Brokers in developing a team of professionals that have an intimate knowledge and passion for the living options in the South Puget Sound area. From condominiums to single-family homes, McAuley Homes can assist you in realizing your dream of homeownership!